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Max Muir is a progressive trainer/behaviourist who believes in working to strengthen the bond between dog and owner, as well as tackling issues such as aggression.

He has worked wonders with our dogs and has taught us so much about  them. He has kindly agreed to head social walks for 4 ppl and their dogs.(see services for details.)

Elected President of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE), member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)  and other various bodies:

DURHAM ANIMAL FOODS (DAF) Delivers dog food, treats, suplements to your door. All types of dog foods inc. whole dried, cooked and raw.There is also a comprehensive list of natural remedies and supplements. Naturediet, a complete moist food is a great standby if, like me, you are not always organised, no additives and very healthy

For followers of Barf and other RAW diets, I find this is a one-stop shop and I can stock up the freezer with such a variety of foods, I dont need to go anywhere else.

For 3 X-large dogs(32 kg, 40kg and 45kg) my bill is around £!00 a month and I don't buy the cheapest. Not that there is anything wrong with cheap but my dogs have their favs and they happen to be in the upper price bracket but its not expensive compared to pet shops and butchers

Lee, the voice on the phone, is very helpful and will suggest items if you are unsure.

Delivery up here in Edinburgh is once a month but check for your area....


Alex from SIGN DESIGN, Tel: 0131-6237320 Mob: 07970245973. E-mail:                    This wonderful piece of artwork was all Alex's from initial concepr to final application



One of my best finds. A relatively new concept that is being hailed by councils throughout britain. As a dog walker I was constantly looking for a way to carry po bags around. There is a distinct shortage of bins around and I need 2 hands to deal with the dogs. I have taken to carrying it in a carrier bag in an old shoulder bag but it isnt ideal. The dicky bag is. I can stop looking now as they have brought out a bigger one. I took delivery of it today and promptly tried it out. No smell, no mess.