"Lovehounds have walked my dog, Midge, a Border Terrier, since he was a pup. Midge is my first dog, and as ever it is always good to have support from another who has more experience, Lovehounds have been very supportive. Advising on development, feeding and training. Midge’s time with Lovehounds has been great for socialising him, as he is from a one-dog family.

There is no doubt that the dogs have a fantastic time, is it the treats or running amock with the other four-legged friends? Riz always brings back a tired and happy dog.
The tell tail signs that Midge loves his time with Lovehounds is his uncontrollable excitement when Riz collects him, he loves his time with them. It is great value for money.

Lovehounds is a fantastic and friendly service. I am totally confident in Lovehounds care for my dog. You only have to meet Riz and Josh and spend five minutes talking about dogs to know that your pet is in safe hands."

Liz Pardoe

I work 12 hour shifts and quite an irregular pattern of shifts that I found it difficult to find a dog walker that could help cover walks for Rico, my lab x collie dog with good flexibility while I was at work. I found that immediately with Riz and her son Josh. 

Rico has been with Lovehounds almost a year now. I have had many walkers over the years, none of whom can compare with these two lovely people and their dedication to the welfare of the dogs in their care. I feel completely and utterly at ease when I know they are walking Rico, and the attention he recieves from them is 'first class'. Many previous walkers did a good job, but I never felt the same love and devotion to animals that I felt with Riz and Josh. Any problems I have had with shift
changes, I can rest assured, knowing that Riz and Josh are there to help with walking my pooch at short notice.

Lovehounds dont only walk your dog, but are always highly concious of their health, behavioural traits, exercise needs and overall wellbeing of your dog/dogs. They have dogs themselves and I know they possess an abundance of good tips regarding their nutrition, behaviour and general wellbring.
I would not hestitate to recommend these two people if you ever need help in caring for your animal.

I would struggle to find a single thing I would change in the way Lovehonds operate, and feel extremely lucky to have found the perfect people to help me with Rico. He is the centre of my life and I would choose nothing but the very best care for him.

So I want to say a HUGE thank you to both Riz and Josh for all the help they have given to Rico and I over the last year......and long may it continue....Lovehounds are precious to me and my pooch and I hope that people reading this will feel the trust, reliability and kindness I have experienced in thier care for Rico...... Rico adores them both and has become very attached to them.... After walks, he is truly de-energised, chilled and above all.... he is a very very happy and contented dog.....I owe that to Lovehounds....x 


Toby seems to love his days out with Riz and Josh.  He's happy to go off with them, even if we're here at home!  Is it the liver cake treats or the long walks that he loves the most? Or is it just Riz and Josh that he loves?

Colin, Una and the girls

I’ve known Riz since she was president of the Students’ Union and I was the vice President. She has always had an affinity with animals so she was my first choice when I needed my rescue dog, Avatar, walked due to my heavy workload. Avatar is never happier than when she is with “Aunty Riz” and Josh. She was very nervous when we first got her but Josh and Riz have worked hard on her as we all have done. They take her to lots of different places and try to get her to experience different situations. She is a lot more confident now and looks like she is enjoying life at last.

From  Amani Byrne

I felt anxious leaving Edgar at the beginning, as I had always walked him myself. However their first meeting put to bed any doubts I had. He interacted extremely well with my dog and is always helpful in giving advice I can use. I found Josh very reliable and kind when talking with him and his influence on Edgar has greatly improved his mood and behavior. I am very grateful to josh for this vast improvement and wish him luck in his new venture.

From  Craig Clancy

My dog is a lab/husky cross and is very big and powerful. Josh Robertson has been walking him since he was 6 months old and pulling like a freight train. Josh undertook the task of getting him to walk to heel and he succeeded.He is reliable and trustworthy and great to deal with. Miku and I wish Josh and Riz the best of luck in their joint venture.

From  Jamie Tate

"I don't have kids, but my dogs are as important to me, so when my job changed and I had to find a good dog walker I shopped around! I checked reviews and references and shortlisted a few to come to my house and 'interview', and it's not easy finding somebody you can trust with your home and the safety and well being of your beloved four legged friends. Well, I struck gold with Lovehounds!! Right from the first 30 seconds of meeting I knew that Riz would look after my girls like I do. She sticks to their routine, doesn't let them out of her sight, keeps me updated with their day trips and and regular pictures, and best of all she makes sure they have fun! I come home at night to two happy, well behaved, well walked, tired out dogs who just want their dinner and a cuddle. Perfect!"
From Carol